About Us

Newcastle Roofer over the years has been offering great and excellent service in terms of roof cleaning, roof repair, and roof restoration. We provide complete roofing service and we have been in the forefront of the industry when it comes to perfecting our craft in order to meet customer satisfaction. As one of the leading roofing service companies in Newcastle and nearby cities within the Hunter Valley area, our goal is to show you how dedicated we are in accomplishing the task at hand in aide of keeping your faith in us.

Your investment is our investment

By hiring Newcastle Roofer, we understand that you are entrusting your properties into our hands. This is why, in as much as we stay efficient in dealing with our work, we guarantee our clients with safety of your properties, all while maintaining certain high standards of service. In order for us to do that, we need to have the best practitioners the roofing and construction industry has to offer. Here at Newcastle Roofer, we are proud to inform you that we have the finest manpower armoured with the necessary skills in aim of serving you.

A wide range of roofing services in Newcastle and Hunter Valley

Whatever you need, Newcastle Roofer is here to help you. Our list of services includes cleaning, repair, painting, and restoration – a testament to the kind of help that we can bring to you however you might need it. For a long time now, we have been the leading provider in the industry of roofing services. And this resulted to years and years of confidence coming from our customers and clients. Thanks in large part to the quality of work we’ve done for them that have changed their lives big time.

The solution to your roofing problems is just a few easy steps away

Aside from the excellent service that we constantly provide or clients, the best thing about Newcastle Roofer is that it comes to you through these easy steps:

  • Place your enquiries
  • Have your roofs assessed
  • Avail our service according to your properties’ needs
  • Watch and wait
  • Admire the beauty of your new and improved roof!

Contact us now and stop prolonging your roof problems!