Installation and Repair of Fibro Roofs in Newcastle

Although regarded as one of the most commonly used construction materials, asbestos cement sheets, or fibro have become a highly favoured material for roofing. However, it is also known to become hazardous to human health once the cement sheet cracks or breaks, and start spreading its fibres. Here at Newcastle Roofer, your best interest is our main concern. This is why we are giving you some information about fibro roofing that you might need to be aware of. If you are dealing or anticipating to deal with fibro roofing problems, you are at the right place!

Why are people afraid of using asbestos?

Before we talk about the possible hazards of using it as roofing materials, we must first understand what asbestos is. In general, asbestos in the form of sheets, blocks, or tiles is not entirely dangerous. The danger lies within the fibres that once inhaled can cause severe lung ailments, or worst, may prove to be fatal.

It is for this reason alone why most clients ask for help from experts when dealing with this particular material.

What are the ways to clean fibro roofs (asbestos cement sheets)?

In cleaning fibro roofs, it is important to keep one thing in mind. Anything that might cause the fibres to spill out would be dangerous to anyone exposed to it. Handling tools and cleaning accessories should be done lightly. Stepping or any form of force exerted onto them should also be observed carefully. Again, you don’t want to break these tiles/sheets and spread asbestos fibres as a result. Certain chemicals may also react to the fibros sheets so it’s always better to know the components and properties before applying any cleaning solution or detergent to it.

Dealing with a sensitive material which can result to hazardous or even fatal effects is more than enough reason for you to ask roofing services experts. And now, you don’t have to worry.

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