Tile Roofs: Installation, Repair, Maintenance, and Restoration

Roofs protect us from direct exposure to extreme weather conditions. Yes, even your roofs need protection – from rust, stains, moss, and moulds – including your tile roofs. This is why it’s high time for us to give them back the same protection. Newcastle Roofer has been one of the established industry leaders in roofing services. Our services cover Newcastle and neighbouring cities in the Hunter Valley area.

Why is it important to clean your tile roofs?

Roofs are able to block direct heat from the sun as well as exposure from sometimes freezing temperature. As a result, they help us avoid getting burns, skin diseases, and allergies. Sadly, however, our roofs tend to be the ones to pay the price. Those burns and possible skin blemishes that we were able to avoid, now come in form of mosses and moulds that victimises our tile roofs.

What are the benefits of having clean tile roofs?

More serious tile roof problems such as cracks and removed tiles tend to become more difficult to detect when they are hidden and blended with dirt and stains. Avoid more problematic scenarios such as developing leaks and other costly damages by detecting early on some of the minor issues. Aside from maintaining your roofs’ good condition, cleaning your tile roofs also elevate its aesthetic sense – making your properties’ roof a sight in itself.

Newcastle Roofer ensures all our clients that our services provide the best solutions to any roofing problems you might have. But here are some information you need to know when dealing with tile roofs.