Rural Projects

Newcastle Roofer is one of the established and pioneering service providers in the field of roofing in the Hunter Region. Even though most of the clients that seek our roofing services are home and business owners, we are also one of the most sought after roofing repair, cleaning, and restoration companies in Newcastle and nearby cities in Hunter Valley region when it comes to cleaning rural housing roofs.

Did you know that only 90 percent of your house receives the necessary cleaning?

From the garden area, to your bathroom, you can almost take care of cleaning your house by yourself – almost. We tend to forget the roof. Yes, and part of forgetting about them is neglecting that they are the ones directly exposed to dirt, rainwater, and sunlight. These direct contacts are responsible in producing moss, stains, and moulds.

Certain roofing materials are prone to develop lichen – a specific type of mould. With this variety of materials used for different types of house roofs, different methods and approaches for cleaning are also necessary. However, this could really be a difficult task compared to cleaning other portions of your house. For this reason, asking help from experts is the most logical and practical solution to ensure that your farm animals and your plants are well protected from harsh weather conditions.

How can Newcastle Roofer help you?

Here at Newcastle Roofer, we clean all kinds of stains and dirt which include moss, moulds, and lichen. We also offer various types of cleaning services for different kinds of roofing materials such as metal sheet roofs, coloured steel, clay or concrete tiles, and asbestos or fibro sheets. But considering the vast amount of kinds and types that we cover, it is important to be aware of the most appropriate ways in dealing certain materials. Pressure cleaning is not recommended for certain roofing materials like asbestos so some solutions and detergents that dissolve slowly are the usual alternatives.

If you are located in a rural community and need assistance with rural roof installation, repair, and maintenance, contact your licensed roofers in Newcastle today.